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League of Legends

League of Legends

A brilliant yet simple MOBA that competes with DotA 2

First of all this game is a MOBA we will only briefly cover what it means and if you want to learn more about MOBA games click here. So in League of legends you control a champion which guide across the battlefield by right clicking. You can also attack minions and Champions by right clicking on them. In League of legends when you win a match (or you lose for that matter) you gain EXP and IP. EXP points go towards leveling up your champion. There are 30 levels. IP points are used to buy champions and runes.

There is also in game gold and EXP. When you begin a new match you are on Level one with 475 gold, and you can level up your champion by killing things. Killing things also gives you more gold. With every level you unlock an ability for your champion. And with gold you can buy items.


When you begin playing League of legends you don’t start with ANY champions. Every week 10 champions are free to try, but after a week new champions are put on rotation.

There are 4 tiers of champions and generally the more champions cost the better they are. But there exceptions, if you become really good with someone such as Master Yi you could beat people of a higher tier. Basically just find a champion you like and stick with him.

There are various types of champions. Some are:

Tank- A tank is typically a champion who goes for health items. A tank usually tries to take all the damage in a team fight, while the rest of the team kill the enemy. With a tank you should also harass the enemy team (whenever they get in range to attack them, which prevents them from moving forward.) If you like to play tanks you probably want to buy health items, armor items, health regeneration items, and magic resist items. Some Tanks are, Amumu, Rammus and Volibear.

Mage- A mage is someone who does not have much health but has better spells and who can do insane amounts of damage through spells, but there basic attack does not do much damage. With a Mage you should wait for a tank to initiate a fight and then come in and finish everyone off. If your a Mage you should buy Ability Power items, Cool down reduction items, Mana items and Mana Regeneration items.

P-DPS- Physical Damage per second. A P-DPS basically just kills the enemy. They don’t have the best spells or the most health, but they deal the most damage. The one spell which an P-DPS does usually have is some form of escape, whether it turns you invisible for some time, or let’s you teleport away to escape, an P-DPS has to have an escape route. A Melee P-DPS’s role is to damage the other teams P-DPS and to push the other team back. They are also great for finishing off champions. You should buy Attack Damage items, Attack Speed items and Life Steal items. Some champions are Darius and Master Yi. There is also Ranged P-DPS’s They basically have to deal a lot of damage from a safe distance. Some Champions are Ashe, Caitlyn and Miss Fortune.

and many more.


There are many types of items, though there are many unique items such as Ionic Spark which does chained lightning every fourth hit. Some types are:

Attack damage – Increases Basic attack damage.

Attack Speed – Increases Basic attack speed.

Armor – Gives you character armor to make you take less damage from creatures and Champions.

Health – Increases your health

Health Regeneration – Makes you regenerate more health faster.

Mana – Increases your Mana

Mana Regeneration – Makes you regenerate more health faster.


The game is very similar to the original DotA in regards about laning and jungling. First of all there are 2 maps:

SUMMONERS RIFT: Summoners is the most common map, with 5 players a side. This map has 3 lanes Top mid and bottom. This map also has a jungle, in which are monsters which when slain grant powerful buffs. Each lane has 4 allied turrets and 4 enemy turrets. If you can destroy all 4 enemy turrets you have a chance to destroy one of the enemies inhibitors. When you destroy an inhibitor your lane spawns super minions, which are the hardest type of minion to kill. Past the inhibitors are 2 more turrets, and when you destroy these you have access to the enemies nexus. If you destroy the nexus you win.

TWISTED TREELINE: The treeline is a bit like summoners in regards to turrets , inhibitors and the nexus, though this map is smaller, only has 3v3 and has 2 lanes instead of 3.This map also has alters in the middle of the map, and these grant special buffs if your team secures them.

There are also some custom maps.

League of legends (like any MOBA) is very addicting. There is fierce competition among players, and getting a kill is very rewarding. This is by no means the most complex MOBA but it is still one of the best. I recommend this MOBA to EVERYONE. An example is me, i come from a heavy FPS background but now LoL is my favorite game!

The Editors Choice Award

Features 8
Looks 8
Price 10
Overall 9