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Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2, finally an MMORPG better than World of Warcraft.

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and it is the sequel to the original Guild Wars game.

The Game is set on the land of Tyria. There are many cities and places to discover (but that’s to be expected from an MMO) The world is interesting and intriguing.

THERE IS NO QUEST LOG! (Though there are a few side quests) You can just run into the world and help bring down bosses and fight enemies.

One of the best things about this game is that (unlike World Of Warcraft) it has NO subscription fees. Just a one off purchase for the game! (That is why we gave it 9/10 for price)

The home worlds feel like their inhabitants, an example of this is the Nord’s home land is icy, covered in snow and is full of wilder beast and other creatures, though the standout world is the human world.

Usually in an MMO humans are the most boring race, but in Guild Wars 2 their home land is stunning, with the center piece being a big beautiful city.

In this game anything is possible, you could be walking around in some kind of forest and then stumble upon some sort of Reactor, only to be faced with a dragon or another boss that might take upwards of 20 men to kill! That is one of the things i love about this game, No-matter where you are there are surprises right around the corner! Let’s say your taking a swim in a lake with some friends where you discover some sort of cave that leads to an underground secret Rat village! The level design of this game is amazing!

You can fight anywhere, even underwater!

The frame rate for this game is pretty good though when your in the middle of a huge battle you may have some lags.

This is also a very flexible MMO so you can mix up your combat so that it does not become boring and repetitive.

The Graphics of Guild Wars 2 are breathtaking. Seeing Huge mountains off in the distance or castles in far away places, the graphics in this game are stunning! Even the most dull places are beautiful, and when you look into water you can see a reflection! Just the way the grass waves in the wind and the snowflakes fall down is is absolutely amazing. You can look into the distance and see amazing works of art and most of the time everything you see is accessible. This game should be entitled a work of art instead of a game. Even the speech bubbles look smooth. Here are some pictures:

The leveling system of this game is brilliant. Usually in an MMO the game isn’t about skill it’s about how long you have played for and what level you are on, but guild wars 2 has changed this concept. When you venture to an earlier lower-level zone your level is actually LOWERED, and then when you go back to the higher level zone your level will go back to normal. This means that there is still a challenge in redoing previous missions. (unlike WOW where you one shot everything)

In this game you can join guilds (Yes more than one), you can craft things, you can draw lines on the map (maybe outlining PVP strategies?) and there are many more nice touches.

The inventory management in this game is perfect, unlike Skyrim the inventory management has actually been designed for PC so it has a better feel to it.

And you have got to love the fast travel system. If you have discovered a place you can fast travel back their later. (at a small fee of course)


This game is (in my opinion) the best MMORPG on the planet and is definitely worth the $60.

The Editors Choice Award

Features 9
Looks 9
Price 10
Overall 9