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Asus RoG Vulcan Pro Headset

The Asus RoG Vulcan Pro Gaming Headset

Asus have nailed motherboards and graphics card, but what about Headsets?Well first of all (and this is a rarity) the Vulcan Pro headset has ANC or active noise cancelling. This is great if you live in a place with a lot of noise. This Headset is comfortable and sturdy and fits into a nice case. Also the mic is detachable, which is great for listening to music.

The Asus RoG Vulcan Pro Gaming Headset Case

The cable is also detachable.

First we’ll talk about the noise cancelling. The noise cancelling works, and actually quite well! Though the drivers on this headset aren’t to good. The Vulcan Pro sounds more like a dub step headset, due to the fact that the base is too loud and the mids are all messed up. And that’s without ANC on. When you turn on ANC it mutes the outside noises, but it creates a bit of a hum, which is distracting. Also when is surround sound mode the audio quality drops immensly.

The design of this headset is actually quite nice and it seems to be made out of good materials. the red bits do look bad when you get a fingerprint on them.

This is a budget gaming headset but you can still do better. Seriously any Logitech headset is better than this. You may want this headset if your on a budget and live in a noisy environment.

Features 6
Looks 8
Price 8
Overall 6