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GTA V release date?

Rockstar have confirmed the release date for Grand Theft Auto 5!     17.9.2013


A new Gaming genre? What is MOBA and is it actually fun to play?

Temporary Fix

As you might have noticed we have been having some issues with our slider on the home page.

Gaming Mouse Reviews

We will be doing some gaming mouse reviews as well as listing some mouse/keyboard combo’s for the best MMO or FPS performance.

Steam Network

The Steam Network! You can buy games, Talk to friends, Play Games, buy content and download Mods for games, all within one clever piece of software!

Skyrim DLC Hearthfire

Today the much anticipated Hearthfire DLC was released for Xbox live. It introduces being able to build your own houses from scratch! You can then upgrade your house and turn it from something as simple as a one room house into a HUGE complex with alchemy, Smithing and enchanting gear. You can also have wonderful gardens and horse stables! You [...]

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

This fantastic FPS by gameloft only came out a while ago. The game is for iOS. And i would have to say it is the best FPS for iphone and ipod out there! It offers a brilliant campain with great graphics. The campaign is about 5 hours long, has 13 mssions and is pretty much action packed from start to [...]